My evidence on the Bill

For the second time in a week, I gave evidence to a parliamentary committee on the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.¬† The Bill,¬†fast-tracked as is often the fate of counter-terrorism legislation,¬†completed its second reading in the House of Commons yesterday.¬† Subjects covered include TPIMs, temporary exclusion orders, passport removal and the value (if any) of the Independent Reviewer. Read more…

The Home Affairs Select Committee is currently engaged in a wide-ranging review of Counter-Terrorism.  My contributions to date are:

In December 2011 I¬†gave¬†oral evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s enquiry into the roots of violent radicalisation: p. 127, (QQ 378-407).¬† I was asked particularly about proscription.¬† This was my first appearance before HASC, and the questioning extended also to pre-charge detention, stop and search, Schedule 7 and how I saw¬†the role of Independent Reviewer.

The Committee reported in February 2012 and the Government response was in June 2012.  I continue to address proscription and deproscription in my annual Terrorism Acts reports and in features on this website: see here and  here.