IP Bill, Public Bill Committee: 2016

A House of Commons Public Bill Committee has been set up in order to give detailed scrutiny to the Investigatory Powers Bill that was unveiled on 1 March 2016 and given its second reading on 15 March.  A good deal of written evidence to that committee was published last week.

I was the first witness to be examined by the Public Bill Committee, on 24 March 2016.¬†¬†A¬† transcript of my 25-minute evidence has been published on the Committee’s website, and¬†most of it is captured on¬†video.

Later on 24 March, I submitted written evidence to the Public Bill Committee in order to expand upon some of the points touched on in my oral evidence and to raise some new points.  That written evidence is published here for the first time.

My written evidence of 24 March 2016 cross-refers also to my written evidence of January 2016 to the Joint Committee that sat between November 2015 and February 2016 to look at the Investigatory Powers Bill in draft.  That evidence (which supplemented my oral evidence of 2 December 2015) set out the conclusions to which I came and did not come in my June 2015 report, A Question of Trust, on the operational case for bulk powers.  An account of the scrutiny of the draft Bill, with links to my evidence on it, is here.

The documents of chief relevance to the Bill are collected here.

You can follow the progress of the Investigatory Powers Bill, which is expected to complete its parliamentary passage in late 2016, here.


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