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Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall KC

Thank you for visiting. I was appointed Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation in May 2019 to scrutinise and report on terrorism legislation, and re-appointed in March 2022. You will find all my reports on this website including my reviews on counter-terrorism sanctions (domestic) for HM Treasury and counter-terrorism sanctions (international) for the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office.

In addition, in February 2024 I was appointed as the first Independent Reviewer of State Threats Legislation under the National Security Act 2023, which requires me to review the new offences and powers created by the 2023 Act, together with ports powers used in connection with hostile state activity under Schedule 3 to the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019.

I carry out my role from a position of complete independence, with access to secret and sensitive national security information and personnel in order to carry out my role.

Jonathan Hall KC