A message from the reviewer

David Anderson Q.C
David Anderson Q.C

Welcome! I am an independent Q.C. and not part of the government machine. I am tasked with reviewing the operation of the United Kingdom’s anti-terrorism laws. Where I am critical, I recommend change. My reports and recommendations are submitted to ministers and laid before Parliament.

As reviewer I have a very high degree of access both to classified documents and to those most closely involved with defence against terrorism: Read more…


Four documents central to the work of the Independent Reviewer were laid before Parliament and published today.  They are:

As promised to the House of Lords at committee stage on 28 January, the Government has introduced amendments to its Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill which expand the remit of the Independent Reviewer and define his relationship with the intended new Privacy and Civil Liberties Board.¬† They were published on the¬† morning of Saturday 31 January and will be debated at report stage on Wednesday 4 February.¬† In case my views on these amendments are thought relevant, I give them here.¬† They are, on the whole,¬†rather positive. Read more…




This article on the work of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation has just been published in the New Journal of European Criminal Law.  It is reproduced here by the kind permission of the publishers.

The history of the role is summarised, before describing the nature of the work and the way in which successive Independent Reviewers have influenced Government, either directly or through Parliament and the courts.

It is a shortened and updated version, prepared for an international audience, of an article published in Public Law in July 2014.