On 22 October 2019 the Sentencing Council opened a consultation on proposed amendments to its Terrorism Offences Guideline, used by judges sentencing terrorism offences in England and Wales.

This follows the recent increases to sentences for certain terrorism offences under the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019. The consultation closes on 3 December 2019.

The consultation document is here.

191112 Response to Sentencing Council

On 22 July 2019 the Northern Ireland Office opened a consultation on a new draft Code of Practice for the video recording of interviews of persons detained under section 41 of, or Schedule 7 to, the Terrorism Act 2000 at police stations in Northern Ireland. Section 41 contains the power to arrest suspected terrorists. Schedule 7 contains the power to examine travellers at ports and borders. The consultation closes on 14 October 2019.

The consultation document and new draft Code of Practice is here.

190827 formal response to NI Recording Code