The reports of independent reviewers from Lord Shackleton (1978) to John Rowe Q.C. (2001), together with Government responses, can be found on this external site.  The reports are in UK copyright libraries but most of them became available on the internet only in 2014, thanks to Mitch Hanley and a grant from Harvard University.

Lord Carlile published six reports into the operation of the control order system provided for by the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.¬† They informed the annual parliamentary¬†renewal debates that were required under that Act.¬† The PTA 2005 was repealed and replaced by the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011, which is also subject to annual review. Read more…

Independent reports on the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Terrorism Act 2006

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Lord Carlile¬†Q.C.’s reports¬†of on the operation of¬† the Terrorism Acts 2000 and 2006¬†in each of the years 2001-2008 may be accessed via the above link, together with the government’s responses to those reviews.

Lord Carlile’s final report (on the operation of the Terrorism Acts in 2009, published in 2010) is missing from the sequence and may be found here.¬† There was no formal response to that report by the Coalition Government, which however set out its thinking in¬†its Review of Counter-Terrorism and Security¬†Powers¬†in January 2011.

Lord Carlile’s report

Government response

On 8 April 2009, a North West counter-terrorism unit (NWCTU) investigation, conducted in conjunction with Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the Metropolitan Police Forces, resulted in the arrest of 12 Pakistani students for their alleged involvement in a terrorist plot. This investigation was known as Operation Pathway.

The case gave rise to deportation proceedings (before SIAC) and an unsuccessful attempt to apply for judicial review of the detention and search warrants: Sher, Farooq and Sharif v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and others [2010] EWHC 1859 (Admin).  The claimants in the latter case subsequently applied to the European Court of Human Rights (Applications nos. 29062/12, 26289/12 and 29891/12), which communicated their case to the Government in October 2013.

Both the Divisional Court and the European Court of Human Rights have referred to the report of Lord Carlile.