TPIMs in 2013 (March 2014)

Today’s annual report on the operation in 2013 of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIMs), the successor to control orders,¬†was laid before Parliament¬†at 1030.¬†

TPIMs are the successor to control orders, under which a total of 52 men whom successive Home Secretaries believed to have engaged in terrorism-related activity were subject to restrictions on their residence, communication and movements for periods of time between 2005 and 2011.

Only 10 people have been subject to TPIMs since 2012.  Two absconded, and most of the other TPIMs expired after reaching their two-year limit.  It was announced this morning in a written ministerial statement that since February 2014, no TPIMs have been in force.

I made 10 recommendations.  These aim to strengthen the locational measures on TPIM subjects, provide for probation-led interventions, clarify the circumstances in which TPIMs can be sought and address deficiencies in the procedures for judicial appeal and review.

Last year’s report, with links to¬†various places where it was discussed,¬†is here.

My evidence of 26 March 2014 to the Joint Committee on Human Rights, which touched on TPIMs, is here.


My 10 recommendations were very largely (though not entirely) accepted, in the Government’s Response of December 2014.

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